In studio 2011: Rehearsals + Band photoshoot

Tuesday the 13th of July we officially invaded “Evergreen”, a rehearsal space at Ungdommens Hus where we went over the ‘bedroom demos’ for a couple of days until studio time. The whole building is full of inspiration, creative people…a great place to hang out even if you’re not doing anything in particular. Mark Flindt Andersen, our rehearsing drummer, kinda blew us away on the first day. He definitely doesn’t brag about his abilities behind a kit, but nailed all the songs we went through the first time he played with us. Meanwhile I was coughing my lungs out and trying to get my vocal chords to work. Post-flu bronchitis at its best, but what would an adventure be without some challenges?

Around sunset Seva and I went to a nearby forest to snap some promo shots. Rumor has it, a troll owns that forest. We didn’t wanna take any chances before studio time and went home before dark. Photo-pimping will follow soon.



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