The EP: the cover, the tracklist, the details

01 – Bricks and Slices
02 – 3AM
03 – Oceanisk
04 – Red Song

Released online on the official website: On 6/6 2012

PAY WHAT YOU WANT for the digital versions, or BUY A SEXY LIMITED EDITION DIGIPACK on the website to support future -W- releases. There’s nothing more -W- wants than to create more stuff like this for you guys.

-W- is a supporter of the free sharing of information, including music, which means that the 4 songs on the EP will be shared with you for FREE to use and to enjoy with your friends.

Money unfortunately often plays an important role in the creation of high quality art/music with brilliant people,and this EP has been no exception. -W- is completely independent, at the moment funded by no one but you and the chronically ill bank-account of a full-time student. If there is to be any hope for future releases, it will have to be from the proceeds of the EP sales. Help to make this happen!

Conditions for using -W-s songs:

1) write it is made by WILDEBEEST every time you post the songs somewhere

2) link back to every time you post the songs somewhere

3) don’t use the songs (even your edited versions) for commercial purposes

4) let -W- know if you have remixed, sampled or otherwise tinkered around with the songs and are going to post or release them somewhere. We’re curious!

Read the details here: Creative Commons License
This work will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Now go and worship the EP’s gorgeous cover model:  JANNIKE OLOFSSON.


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