Making of the WILDEBEEST EP 1/3

Last year in this exact same week, The WILDEBEEST EP was recorded, between 11th and 19th of July in Fredericia, Denmark. It was produced and printed during the rest of 2011 and early 2012 and released about a month ago. Back then Seva Grigoraki was still in the band and we got a lot of help from some friends and a few total strangers who appeared out of nowhere and contributed a lot. I thought it would be appropriate now to tell the story of how the EP came to be, as it appears in journals written at the time.

Check here to see how the demos were created and check here to see the preparations for studio time in 2011.

“The first two days in the studio were spent on laying down the drum tracks. After getting acquainted with the studio wizards Rasmus Misá Hodap Hansen and Ralf Redding, it was finally time for some action. Mark Flindt Andersen (our guest drummer) played Bricks and Slices expertly. Afterwards, a guy called Jeppe Løwe was summoned to fill in for him. It’s near humanly impossible to play the drums for some of our songs, since we programmed them while writing the demos without considering the number of limbs on an average person. However, Løwe may be no ordinary human as he totally nailed those tracks flawlessly, sitting through more than 7 hours like a machine. Both of the guys were great company at the studio and without any bullshit we can say that the drums sound better than we ever hoped or imagined prior to entering the studio.”

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