Making of the WILDEBEEST EP 2/3

“During the following couple of days Seva’s little fingers created some badass guitar and bass tracks. These were some long sessions that lasted until 3 in the morning, but they produced lots of new ideas and details that were filled in and added on the fly. It’s pretty special to watch her play.

Meanwhile I was doping myself with any kind of witch remedy I could think of to get rid of a pretty horrible round of acute bronchitis. Coughing your lungs out is not the best way to spend your time at a studio. ‘Whiskey voice’ would be an understatement.”

“We saved vocals for the last 2 days in the studio, hoping it would give my throat some time to recover. Despite being excited out of my mind I had been dreading the moment I’d have to step into the booth because of the condition of my voice. Although I had been soaking my throat in whatever the hell I was told might work, not much improvement was heard on the takes we tried for ‘Bricks and Slices’ on the night Seva finished recording the guitars.

However, it turned out that our freakish luck didn’t stop at finding talented drummers out of nowhere. When Ralf came in for the session, his girlfriend Denise, who just miraculously happened to be a vocal coach, happened to randomly drop by the studio.  She was incredibly helpful and generous with offering advice on how to use my voice in its fragile state, offering information and techniques that were absolutely priceless for someone who hadn’t previously received any formal voice training.

Over the next two days we got all the vocal tracks in. It felt insane to be able to record for more than 10 hours straight with a case of acute bronchitis, and we totally have Denise’s expert advice, generosity and Salvia tea to thank for that!”

– W –


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