Making of the WILDEBEEST EP 3/3

“After the vocals were in, there was some spare time left at the studio, so we decided to find a way to do the percussion for ‘Oceanisk’…Only we neither had a percussionist nor any of the required instruments. So, out of curiosity we decided to take a chance and called up a guy from a local band that was rumored to have percussion gear lying around in one of the rehearsal spaces. We got in touch with the percussionist Jan Lauridsen and were stunned to find that he was interested in recording for ‘Oceanisk’.  The results sound absolutely spectacular and Jan was a pleasure to work with.

To finish the evening off with a roar, we talked Peter Thomsen, who had been lurking around the studio during our sessions, into growling for one of the songs. It took him 10 takes in total to get 4 different vocal tracks in. Peter may look like an innocent young man, but when he opens his mouth, hell spills out of it. Witnessing that is fucking surreal.”

“The amount of luck we had with recording this EP is pretty wild. There definitely had to be some supernatural powers in the works that put so many cool, enthusiastic people in the right place at the right time.

After all the hard work the rest of the night was spent on celebrating our adventure and the awesome people involved in the recording process.”

“After recording, everyone involved had to split to different locations in the world, so the rest of the process was completed thanks to the mighty Internet. The tracks were transferred to an incredibly talented gentleman located in Singapore called Jeffro Lackscheide for mixing. Afterwards, it was mastered by Trevor Sadler, a US-based individual who has produced and mastered for over 1000 artists (including NIN), and has scored several gold, platinum and Grammy awards. It’s like great things just keep happening for this EP.

In the meanwhile I shot the photo for the cover with a kickass model named Jannike Olofsson in Stockholm, Sweden, and created the logo and the packaging and design for the digipak. Once finished, the EP was sent off to a printing company in the US. Although Seva left the band on April 21 2012, I carried on with the release, creating the promotional material, web platforms etc. What a joy it is to see the result of our hard work finally speed out into the world!

It’s been a pretty unpredictable and quite long journey, but it feels like the end result has been totally worth it. All of it is thanks to the hard work, dedication and talent WILDEBEEST has been lucky enough to come across on its way.

Cheers to you guys!”



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