Premiere of the music video for Red Song!!

Earlier this year a music video was shot in Stockholm, Sweden, for Red Song. After months of waiting and hard work, it is finally finished!
Red Song will premiere exclusively at the amazing KGB Bar & Restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, on what some sources say will be the End of the World: 21st of December 2012. Starting at 21:00 we will gather, celebrate and party like never before.

There will be a live screening of the video, and for those of you who wanna buy a limited edition, signed copy of the digipak released earlier this year without paying for shipping, you can buy it directly from this chick in dreads for 50 SEK (7.5 USD). All proceeds will be spent on continuing this independent musical endeavor and bringing you more cool stuff.

Come and have a drink with the actors/actresses and crew that made it all happen, listen to the awesome Tony Naima perform live, and dance on the tables to The Catastrophe Orchestra‘s Damón Zurawski’s killer beats.
Join us on Doomsday!



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