And the winner is…

Last month I announced a contest to the WILDEBEEST Mailing List and the Facebook followers, who were encouraged to write a review of the song Oceanisk to win an EP. A lot of great reviews were sent in, but this one by Zephaniah Washington was the most imaginative:

“Sitting here listening to “Oceanisk” I get the distinct feeling of traveling, a long journey the dead of night. Starting off with the feeling of a ship calmly floating down a dark passage. The calm, dark intro with the heart of the song being a steady rhythm on a floor tom breaks into a heavy, screaming guitar as if a storm has come, and just as quickly passed as the song calms again, but keeps a heavier rhythm. Only to shock you again. In short Oceanisk is perhaps one of the most sonically distinct songs I’ve listened to in a long time. From calm to heavy, from melodic, to a demonic screaming undertone. The whole song invokes feelings of a time and place far more wild than that we currently inhabit.”

Thanks for the words, Zephaniah, and congratulations!

This review will be displayed on the website soon, along with other fun comments about WILDEBEEST from you, the listeners.



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