WILDEBEEST was formed in Aarhus, Denmark by Seva Grigoraki and Mariam Zakarian in 2009. Its music has been described as progressive alternative rock from a Scandinavian forest. The sound is a fusion of many different genres and the lyrical landscape covers topics around communication between people, emotional migration and states of consciousness. Inspiration is drawn from the savage territories in which wildebeests roam and the aspiration to never dwell in stagnation. Alternatively, it’s a meditation on a nomadic lifestyle and the feeling of never belonging anywhere. The sound caters to our primal desires and the impulse to LIVE using every heartbeat.
On April 21st 2012 Seva Grigoraki left the band, after which WILDEBEEST has become synonymous with Mariam Zakarian and the musical and artistic collaborations that will drive this multimedia endeavor in the future.

The self-titled debut EP was created in dusty apartments, fueled by nicotine and hazy confessions. It was recorded during chance encounters with fellow musical wanderers, in an environment of joined creation and honest expression. It is independently produced through collaborations across geographical boundaries, ignoring deadlines and financial limitations. Its conception was nourished by the need to share and connect.

WILDEBEEST wants you to spread the noise across the urban savannah. These sounds want to travel. Join the migration.